Softball World Series

 Beep! Beep! I woke up as I heard other cars honking around me, my funny softball friend Zoey was sitting beside me and my dad was driving. I rolled down my window, and the scolding hot air blew in the car. We were almost at Columbus, Ohio, for my Softball World Series. Little did I know my trip to Columbus, Ohio, was a place I will never forget.

Why Sensible Gun Control is a No Brainer

From Majority Stoneman Douglas High School, to Sandy Hook Elementary, from Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. Mass shootings and domestic terrorism are major issues in today’s society. Some may still be in shock, in disbelief, and others asking why this has become an almost weekly topic on the nightly news.

How to buy a custom essay

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Self Expression Essay

There is a moment in everybody’s life when they come to realize that some things are not always as they seem - when they step into the light and see something for how it truly is. In Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”, he writes of this very same experience. In the story, he writes of a character who is in this “cave” with others and he sees shadows and light, but he never dares to venture out of it.