Essay Writing Challenges And How To Handle Them

Academic essay writing is a skill that can help to excel in your field of study, and nowadays, it can prove to be even a career for you. Many educational organizations and academic writing companies need essay writing experts. If you are capable enough to pass their test, forget about a full-time job, because these experts make a lot of money once their credibility is established. You can see some of these tremendous rendering services, such as or college homework helper.
Most of the students are basically not aware of the proper techniques of essay writing, and therefore, having a hard time writing an essay. Some of the challenges that almost every writer at some point in their life has faced are as follows:

Structure of the Essay

A beginner in the essay writing thinks that an essay paper is just giving words to your thoughts regarding a topic, but students are not aware of the fact that each and every essay has a structure to follow, and usually, it is comprised of introduction, body, and conclusion. Students must know how to write an introduction and how to incorporate a thesis statement in it. Then what are the components of the body and how a conclusion should be written? For example, a conclusion cannot comprise anything new and must summarize what was discussed previously in the introduction and main body.

You Are Unaware of the Type of Essay

Essays are of different types, such as expository, descriptive, reflective, narrative, admission essay, and your teacher may assign you to write a particular one. Here you have to master primarily what are the key requisites of writing that particular type of essay. For example, they may ask you to write a reflective essay on a particular subject or a specific experience. Here you have to know how to write that type of essay. To do this, you should search for various essay types and how these are composed.

Language and Grammar

Most of the students cannot properly compose sentences despite the fact that they have a relevant argument or thought. This is one of the primary problems in academic writing faced by students. Also, students are prone to make grammatical errors, no matter they are native English speakers or not.
For this, it is important to have a habit of reading as much as you can to improve your writing skills. Reading improves your ability to write, builds your vocabulary, and familiarizes you with the norms of academic writing.

Inability to Present Strong Argument

While a student decides to write in favor of or against a thesis statement, they feel completely blank in how to justify their viewpoint. For this, the best way is to build your knowledge about the subject. Make sure to read additional material, such as on current affairs, international issues, economy, or other general topics.

Lacking the ability to make Smooth Transition

It is the rule of writing a perfect essay that you make a smooth transition between the sentences and paragraphs. Your points must be well connected, and there must be coherence. For this, you need to be conscious about creating a flow in your document. Read it again and again and critically analyze it from the perspective of a reader. Then, if you feel any pitfalls, edit it. Don’t get panic about proofreading and editing because this will help you polish the final version.

Lack of Ability to Observe the Surrounding

If you have developed a habit of observing the surrounding, taking lessons from your own, or somebody else’s experiences, then you definitely have a great capacity to be a writer. Because there is a lot inside you, and you just have to dare to take it out in the form of literature.

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