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When ordering books, please order by the book number or you can visit our canvas site. Shipping and handling is included in the book price listed. Please e-mail your order to jackson@usedspacebooks.com. You will receive a response within 24 hours of placing an order on the availability of the books requested. Orders over $79.99 will receive an additional 10% discount off the total order and had a change to get discounts from this site.. Check or money orders should be payable to Richard H. Jackson (however, please do not mail payment until after availability is established). Books are sold on a first-come first-served basis, therefore, some books may not be available (let me know if I can substitute another book with the same title).

The printout for each book consists of eleven fields as follows:

(Title) (Condition)
(Number) (Author) (Size = height X width (centimeters))
(Year published or copyright (C)) (Information) (Price $)
(Lib. of Congress # or ISBN #) (Illustrated) (Number of pages)

The condition of the book is 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent. The rating is my judgment. Most of the ex-library books (LIB) are indicated in the information field. DJ = Dust Jacket with a condition number 1 - 10.

Outside U.S. Mailing

Unfortunately, we cannot discount on orders outside the 50 United States and there is a $5.00 mailing fee for orders less than $99.99. Please remit in U. S. Currency. Unless specifically request, shipping is by least expensive method.

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Special Offer!

I have several copies of the following books. They are for sale at this price to anyone that orders $30 or more of other books.

  Astounding Days                                   10
  5154 Clarke-Arthur C.                      20.7x13.2
  1990          Paper                          $  2.00
  89-18053*                                        258

  Pictorial Guide To Planet Earth                    9
  2809 Ordway-Frederick I.                   28.5x19.5
  1975          Paper                          $  3.00
  74-34291 ISBN 0-690-62193-0*Photo                191

  Pioneering The Space Frontier                     10
  2810 U.S. Commission On Space              28.8x21.6
  1986          Paper 1st                      $  3.00
  86-7958 ISBN 0-553-34314-9*Draw                  211

  Blueprint for Space                               10
  8291 Ordway-Frederick et al.                   28x22
  1992        1st Paper signed by Ordway       $ 10.00
  1-56098-073-7*Photo & Draw                       224